There are lots of unique challenges to being the spouse of a serving member of the armed forces. Whether your spouse operates in a combat role, a support role or an administrative role, it is inevitable that their career choice will impact your life to some degree. In some cases, the military lifestyle can leave spouses feeling like they have little control over their own lives, in which case starting a business can be a great way of regaining some.

Whatever your passions, interests and hobbies, there are bound to be a wealth of potential ideas you can turn into viable businesses. If you think that starting your own business is the right move for you, here’s what you need to know beforehand.

List Your Ideas

We all have our own idea of what a dream job involves. Of course, we can all fantasise about being a Hollywood A-lister sipping cocktails on a California beach, but that’s not a realistic goal for most of us. Think instead about what your ideal realistic job looks like, what it involves, and when and where you will do it. You should base your ideas on the interests, hobbies and passions that speak to you the most.

Learn Some New Skills

Arming yourself with some new skills will increase your value and your chances of succeeding in business. These skills can either be marketable skills that you can earn money from, or they can be things like accounting that will help you to keep your business organized. The Knowledge Business Blueprint is an excellent model to use here; you can read how to launch a knowledge business group on

Work Out Your Budget

The amount of money available to you when you decide to launch your own business will have an impact on which options are viable and which aren’t. There might be something that you want to do with all of your heart but you can’t realistically afford to make happen. This can be incredibly disheartening but don’t let the desire for a perfect career prevent you from starting a business that will still offer you a high level of job satisfaction.

When you are establishing your budget, make sure that you and your spouse are both involved. Their support will be essential if you are going to succeed as an entrepreneur – very few of us can make it in the cut-throat world of business without any support from our loved ones. Starting a business is a serious financial commitment, not one that you want to enter into lightly.

Put Together a Business Plan

A business plan isn’t just useful for approaching banks and other investors to secure funding for your business, it is also a useful guide for you to follow. Your business plan shouldn’t be a rigid and unchanging path from A to B. Instead, it should reflect the current state of your business, your ambitions, and your confidence in your ability to achieve them.

Anyone can start their own business, but only relatively few people are capable of building them into major success stories. To be a military spouse, you need to be a resilient, independent and strong person. These are all excellent qualities to bring into the world of business with you.


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