Serving in the military is a great honour in the nation. Fighting for your country is a great feeling that you can get. However, not all of them can get into it as not all of them fit the criteria. There are a few things that you should keep in mind before joining the military.

Best Fitness

You should consider getting into shape weeks before joining the military. The military has a “Boot Camp” with the purpose of turning recruits into fit Soldiers. The significant components of this training include Education, Physical Strength, and in some cases skills such as swimming. So make sure you that you are fit weeks before joining the military.

Best Behaviour

The core characteristics of the Military are Good order and discipline. There is always a background check that goes around the recruits to check for any disqualifying events in their history. Criminal behaviour comes under that kind of events. It would be best from your part if you tell them if you have anything rather than them finding it.

See the world

Enlisting in the Military often means that you will be far from your family, loved ones and your home. You will travel and experience things that the shape your thinking about the world and the way you see it. This is bound to happen when you are in the Military.

Self Motivation

The biggest thing that you need to factor before you join the Military is if you want to go there. It is nearly a life-defining decision. If you are being “talked into” joining the military, then your career as a soldier or even the chance of getting into the army is at significant risk. Make sure you have the desire to join there and be confident enough to go there.

Personal Initiative

The ability and the courage to take the initiative is a high quality that we find in many people. In the military, taking the initiative is a skill they teach you, but it is better if you start practising earlier. Research everything you can about joining there and things related to it like current events.

Gather Medical Records

You need to specify and tell them if you have any broken bones, fractures, illnesses. They need to know about it and should file the proper paperwork for it. The military will screen you medically anyway. Make sure you know the problems that are disqualifying.



A successful career in the military depends heavily on discipline. It also depends on trust. That discipline starts the minute you enter the boot camp as a recruit. A higher discipline requires a positive and optimistic outlook for all sorts of feedback.

Ace the ASVAB

Learn how to take the test. It stands for Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery. Take some mock tests and read some books on strategies for taking the test. 

Plan your interview

You need to have a specific plan on how you are going to attend the interview. You need to practise on some prototype answers and mannerisms. Work out on scenarios on how the interview can go.

Accept the change

You will undergo a monumental shift in behaviour when you work for the military. The person you were in college and the person you will be in the force will be entirely different. The military will change the way you react to things and the way you see the world. You need to accept the change and be ready for anything.


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