An army (from Latin gun “of weapons, weapons” through Old French arm? E, “armed” (feminine)), in the broadest sense, is the ground-based army of a nation or state. It may also include other branches of the military as Air Force through media Corps aviation. Within a national military force, the army word can also mean a field army an army of career soldiers full-time ‘are more’, ie that do not dissolve in peacetime. They differ from army reserves who are activated only in times such as war or natural disasters.

In several countries the army is officially called the land army to differentiate it from an Army Air Force called air, especially in France. In these countries, the word “army” on its own retains its connotation of a land force in common use. The largest army in the world today, the number of active troops is the People’s Liberation Army of China with 2,250,000 active troops and 800,000 reserve personnel.

By definition, irregular military means, in contrast to the regular army, which grew slowly from personal bodyguards or elite militia.



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