I wanted to post really quick about this weekend’s deadly attack in Afghanistan as I’ve received lots of phone calls, emails and IM’s asking about SGT Daddy.

As you probably have heard, this weekend 8 of our 4th ID , 4th Brigade soldiers gave the ultimate sacrifice in an attack from the Taliban(along with other groups) in Eastern Afghanistan near the Pakistan Border.

I do not believe that SGT Daddy was one of the 8 (i would have heard by now), I haven’t heard from him yet either since the attack. In these types of situations, there is usually a communication blackout so that the families of our fallen warriors can be notified. I’m sure that is the reason for not hearing from him.

As the details get released about the 8 soldiers, I will of course update as much as I can. I will make sure to let everyone know if there is anything you can do. Of course, in the meantime, please pray for our soldiers and comfort for their families.


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