Element-This is an individual, team, section, platoon, company or larger unit formed as part of the unit of higher order.

Training-This is an array of elements of unity in the prescribed form as an online training, in which the elements are side by side, and the formation of the column, in which the elements are one behind the other. In a column section, the members of each team are one behind the other with the current squad.

Front-This is a space on one side to the other side of a formation, and includes elements of left and right.

Depth-This is a space from the front to the rear of a formation including front and rear elements.

Distance: This is the space between the elements are one behind the other. The distance between individuals is one arm more than 6 inches, or about 36 inches, measured from the chest of a soldier in the back of the soldier immediately to his front.

Range: This is the space between elements from side to side.

Rank-This is a line that is only one element in depth.

File-This is a column that has a front of one of the elements.

Guide-This is the person responsible for maintaining the prescribed direction and speed.

Post-This is the right place for an officer or petty officer standing on a prescribed training.

Head-This is the main element of a column.

Base-This is the element around which a movement is planned or regulated.

Rate-This is a uniform rhythm or number of steps or counts per minute.

Time: This is a fast cadence of 120 counts (steps per minute).

Double Time This is a cadence of 180 counts (steps per minute).


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